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Our Story

Turtleson is built on home-town dreams. Co-founders Greg Oakley and Chet Sikorski hail from the small southern Appalachian town of Bristol, TN. They grew up together, they set goals together, and they built business together. Turtleson was born out of the desire to create garments and goods that FIT their "active professional" lifestyle in a way that no other brand did.

For the past two decades as they have grown business and expanded their families, the pair traveled the world searching for top-quality resources. The best fabrics, the most unique accent pieces, the highest quality producers…..all to corral into the fine Turtleson products you have access to today. Placing an absolute focus on manufacturing details is what ensures ultimate quality in fit and finish and is the backbone of what we hope Turtleson products prove to be.

Today, still based in Bristol, TN, Greg and Chet have been joined by Andy Plate and Chris Warren as President and Sales Manager respectively. The small dedicated team is built on trust, common interests, and dedication to true goals….The best goods, the best price, no shortcuts. Turtleson is now known worldwide for its dedication to that quality, superior goods, and personal attention to customer at every level. We understand that our customers are the link to achieving our true goals, and endeavor to make every transaction a personal encounter.

Our product line has expanded to encompass Performance, Travel, and Lifestyle goods with a dash of just about everything in between. We remain dedicated to the “All-Season” kind of guy and helping him transition effortlessly from Office to Clubhouse, Boardroom to Barroom, or Tarmac to Trainstation. All this with goods that seamlessly evolve between seasons, locations, and purpose. 

Our hope is that you will give Turtleson a chance, and maybe find a new favorite brand. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, process, or people, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Greg, Chet, Andy, & Chris